Electric Yolk Media

ELECTRIC YOLK MEDIA is a creative production company specializing in nonfiction film content for both broadcast and digital distribution.  We are a collective of producers, writers, cinematographers, artists, musicians and editors dedicated to the craft of storytelling.  We believe every client is unique and each has their own story.  Let's tell one together.

Photo Credit: David Noles

Photo Credit: David Noles

Founder & Principal

Amanda Kinsey is a documentary filmmaker, five-time Emmy Award winning producer and fourth-generation photojournalist.  Prior to founding Electric Yolk Media in 2013, she spent over a decade writing and producing for NBC. Her professional work has included interviewing George Lucas, tracking down the real girl from Ipanema and shooting helicopter aerials over Santa Barbara. Amanda also holds an MBA from Columbia Business School.

Electric Yolk Media brings together a valuable network of highly skilled creatives. Everyone brought onto a production- from camera, sound, editing, design to music- has a respected career that includes extensive work for a major media company and/or agency. We are a young company built on experience.