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ELECTRIC YOLK MEDIA is a creative production company specializing in nonfiction film content for broadcast and digital distribution.  We are a collective of producers, writers, cinematographers, artists, musicians and editors dedicated to the craft of storytelling.  We believe every client is unique and each has their own story.  Let's tell one together.

Film is one of the most powerful tools of modern communication.  We work in collaboration with like-minded media companies, creative agencies and individual brands to handcraft nonfiction stories.  The best stories are about compelling characters.  We help you source these characters and bring their experiences to life.  We combine journalistic integrity with filmmaking artistry to create narratives with impact.

Our expertise is engaging audiences in authentic ways. 

Electric Yolk Media takes its name from farm fresh eggs. The yolks are bright and rich with the promise of extraordinary in the seemingly ordinary- just like a good story.

Produced by Electric Yolk Media, Harlem Village Academies is a branded digital short about the top public charter schools in New York City. Katie Couric narrates this remarkable story of determined kids breaking barriers everyday.

"Treasures of New York: Columbia University" is an hour long film about the rich and colorful history of Columbia University. The documentary aired on PBS and includes interviews with actress Amanda Peet, author Caleb Carr and architect Renzo Piano. Also featured is select music by the Grammy Winning band Vampire Weekend.

CORNERS is a series of short film installations created for the BASF 2015 Creator Space Tour in New York City. Produced in collaboration with artist Emilie Baltz, the project reveals how food catalyzes innovation in habitat, citizenship and resilience in everyday spaces. Through a series of local interviews in Red Hook, East Harlem and downtown Manhattan, the unique characters and recipes that inspire a connected future of urban living in the New York City area are brought to life through a fundamental form of human connection: food.

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